The Role Of Marcus Hiles And Western Rim Property Services

Texas is a really big state, it has many cities and all the cities there have a very different climate and environment. If you want to live in Texas then it will not be a bad idea because the state has many things to offer. The biggest and most popular real estate company in Texas goes by the name of Western Rim Property Service and it is owned by Nancy and Marcus Hiles. The company can provide properties and homes of the best quality and it will be a great decision if you choose Western Rim to assist you is your search for a great home.

The role of Marcus and Nancy Hiles cannot be just go wasted, the couple has truly done a lot in order to make Texas a better place to live. Their company was started on the basic principle of making Texas a better place to live for the normal public. The couple has also donated a lot of money to NGO’s and other organizations who are helping the people of Texas in every way they can. Children are the future of Texas and it is important that they get the best service, for this the couple has helped many schools and colleges in order to increase their quality of educations.

Whenever you enter Texas you will always notice the name of Marcus and Nancy Hiles, they are two of the most popular people among the people of Texas. If you want to buy a home in Texas then it is very important for you to consult Western Rim because this company in owned by these two personalities. The company owns many homes which are ready for sale and you can easily select the one that you want from such a vast variety

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: World Famous Entrepreneurs

If you are interested to know about world’s most reputable businessmen you should know about Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles. These spouses with great hearts founded the Western Rim Properties in Texas and paved the way for many residents of USA to live a happy and healthy life with luxurious amenities. In fact they have contributed to build a happy community in Texas. This couple actually enjoys simple life as they spend most of their earnings for philanthropic works. As they are involved in charity works, they have the habit the care for the welfare for of people and that’s why they try their level best to improve the living condition of the community people.

Beauty of Life

Marcus Hiles, the founder of Western Rim Properties along with her wife Nancy Hiles has the view in mind to the change the living condition of the community people and to facilitate them so that they can lead a luxurious life. Nancy and Marcus Hiles: The Best Entrepreneurs The World Has Ever Known believe that the beauty of life is to be involved in philanthropic works. For more than two decades they are working for their community people. Though still small in size, they are growing continuously and reaching out the people even to the people from the other states of USA.

Expanding the Business

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles has a plan to expand their business to the pick point so that the community people can be able to lead luxurious lives within their ability. And that’s why they are emphasizing on keeping the price of their properties within affordability of the community people. As a result of their continuous efforts the other real estate businessmen in Texas have follow the path shown by tehm too! The other businessmen also are trying to build luxurious building but can’t because they don’t use high quality materials as the Hiles couple do.

Encouraging Others

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles: Sharing life moments beautifully they are also arranging ways to pass enjoyable lives for others. This couple believes that being philanthropist is the key to be happy. Because of the their hard work and generous contributions to the mankind they have become the role model to the other businessmen of USA as well as from rest of the world. Even the relatives and close friend of Nancy Hile and Marcus Hiles were encouraged to charity works because of the influence of the Hiles couples.


To maintain a business along with your personal life is not an easy task especially for a working woman. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles a contented couple, who enjoy a married life as well as a successful business, keep an outstanding balance between both.

Nancy hiles and Marcus Hiles, a real business icon were not born with a golden spoon, rather they went through many hardships and tough times during their journey of business. Their real estate company Western Rim Properties is enjoying a success boast period since a decade, but this all is a result of their top business qualities. The couple possesses real entrepreneur attributes that are required to boast off any business.


Nancy and Marcus Hiles started their business from Texas with their savings. They did not have a large capital investment behind their business. Rather they spent a long period of hard ship and poverty at the beginning. Both of them never regretted about their decision of starting a real estate business. Whatever was the time prosperous or hard they spent it happily with mutual understanding and love with each other. Working hard day and night for their business they never forget to spend quality time with each other. Besides their hectic routine they spare time for their family and friends also. They did not miss even a single second of recreation with their friends. Relations and maintaining good terms was their first priority.


What Nancy Hiles did for Western Rim Properties is no more a question to ask. Her whole life is an open story of sweat and toil that she shed to prosper their real estate business. They did not launch their business by just confined in each other but they develop a great relationship among their clients, developers and other business personalities. During weekends they spend their maximum time in travelling across Texas communicating with business related people and assessing business transactions. This all hectic routine can never be adopted until there is a great harmony and understanding between the couple. Both of them are supposed to be made for each other, they have the same mind set and have the same level of patience and desire for the prosperity of business.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have a strong faith in respect for each other, freedom of speech and charity for the poor and this is the only story behind their success.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles’ Work Ethics rules success

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are a beautiful couple who are highly fond of giving people the best. They own a legendary company, Western Rim Properties. This is a dream company for Marcus Hiles that he wished right from the time he was doing his masters in management. Today he has completed several properties and is an owner of worth few billions.

Success secret

 Connect Marcus Hiles on LinkedIn and know the success secret. Marcus Hiles at a young age itself was taught to work hard. His father instilled strong work ethics in him and much the same was his background that was morally very strong. Marcus Hiles did not get success as down the generation property. He worked hard to claim this success. He grew with little, but had plans to grow with much and this dedication kept him working. He wished to have a real estate company and got it fulfilled with Western Rim Properties. He dreamt of this even from his college days, while he was doing his Bachelors and earned Master’s in business administration.

After graduation, Marcus Hiles became very confident and wished to give a shape to his aim, vision and dream. With his new company formed at the age of 28 in the name of Western Rim Properties he made everything possible and come true. He brought his own capital and poured his effort and time to soon reach heights. Initially, he also had to overcome many problems with stringent financial conditions. The beauty was in his work ethics that he never allowed his staff to go empty handed. He did not mind sleeping in a friend’s house on the floor, but paid his staff so that they do not have trouble in making their ends meet.

Technology and state-of –art amenities

 Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles wished to see success and now with the real estate company they built beautiful luxurious homes. Marcus Hiles wished to give the average working families beautiful homes in Texas such that it had the state-of-art amenities and without the need to bother about finance. He constructed home in prime urban areas that had in the nearby areas good jobs and schools.

Hiles wished to provide exceptional housing communities with cutting edge technology features such as cafes, gyms, spas, infinity pools, woodlands, clubhouses in many locations. He did so and now has formed Mansion Custom Houses, another real estate company to develop townhomes and condominiums.

Western Rim Properties by Marcus and Nancy Hiles: The eleven years journey of developing Real Estate Venture

It is quite easy to say that a firm is operating from past few years but their owners only know about the dedication and hard work required by it. The success of any company requires lots of dedication and determination. The real-life example of higher success through a ten years old venture is of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles. The couple owns Western Rim Properties. This company has become the actual identity of their generosity. Though, they were involved in many charitable causes before developing a firm but Western Rim Properties helped them to get noticed. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles have given numerous years to make this venture successful.

At a quite young age when many people enjoy the life, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles were planning for their venture. The lots of similarities in their thoughts make it possible for them to start a Real Estate venture. Their same habit of making donations and interest in Real Estate Business made them real soul-mates. This journey has been started in the year 2004 when Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles were students.

Both have seen many ups and downs in the form of expenses. However, they didn’t stop making donations of their personal stuff i.e. furniture, clothes, little sum of cash etc. They have faced lots of difficulties but never gave up and continued their studies. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles hadn’t expected of such a huge success of their venture in just a decade. However, the hard work paid them off. They have become able to donate large sums of money to the charity. None of any other entrepreneurs have such kind of generosity like Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles.

Both of them knew about the problems of the needy people as they came from a very humble beginning. It is the reason due to which Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles donate as much as they can to the schools, universities, at-risk women groups and non-profit environmental organizations. This kind of higher success in a very short span couldn’t be gained without hard work and dedication. The fortune definitely matters but hard work actually pays off beyond the expectations. Same thing happened with the Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles. They have got lots of success in Real Estate Industry of Texas in the eleven years journey of their business.